A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of hosting a very special Bridal Shower. Our very talented designer, production manager and all round go to girl is getting married in a couple of months’ time. 

Just on a side note – we are beyond excited for the wedding and just wait till you see the magnificent stationery suite we have been working on for her big day. 

So for all you Maid’s-of -Honour out there, I feel you. Hosting a bridal shower is hard work, not to mention the pressure of making sure that everything is perfect for the bride to be. Let’s face it she has trusted you to be at her side on her big day and along the way and no girl want’s to let her bestie down.

When we started planning, this seemed like a mammoth task. We were given a guest list of about 55 people and first thing that popped into the back of my mind  was where am I going to put 55 ladies and how was I going to feed them within the budget. 

So I put together these 5 steps to help me plan the perfect shower:

1. Talk to your Bride to Be

I know a surprise shower for the bride is always fun, but personally I feel you need to discuss the shower with her. Chat her about the guest list and the mix of ladies attending. This will give you a better idea of how the day should flow, also chat to her about what she wants and doesn’t want. Ultimately it is all about the bride. For example when I chatted to Tash about her shower, she absolutely didn’t want to open her gifts on the day. Just get an Idea of what she is expecting; this will also give you some direction in terms of planning. Without giving away all the juicy details. This also give your bride time to prepare her outfit, rather than walking into a roomful of guests in her gym clothes.

2. Choose the venue and theme

Once you’ve set the date, select and book the venue, if necessary. These days, it’s acceptable to host bridal showers just about anywhere, including at the home of the host or another friend or family member, restaurants, parks, hotels and even at a spa. Wherever you choose to host the bridal shower, just be sure it’s somewhere the bride will enjoy.

Sticking to a bridal shower theme provides direction to both you and your fellow planners and makes it easier to coordinate all the little details — from invitations and linens to the menu and even the favours.

3. Make it personal 

It’s all in the details when it comes to hosting party. Adding special touches wherever possible really makes the day feel memorable for both the guests and guest-of-honour.

While the wedding is about the couple, the bridal shower is all about the bride. Select a theme that reflects her personality and interests. We did not have a massive budget for the shower, so instead we put our DIY craft skills to use and made loads of the decor and it was beautiful!

3. Food and Drinks

Catering for so many ladies was not easy, not to mention all the different dietary requirements. So we decided to keep it simple.

We set up a few different bar areas for drinks this gave the guest some variety and was easy enough for them to help themselves and not have to worry about being waited on.

Now we know craft anything is all the rage at the moment, so we decided on a craft Gin Bar. This was a massive hit with our bride and the guests. We supplied a range of Gins, mixers, fruits and herbs. This allowed ladies to experiment with different combinations and was a great talking point. We also set up a wine bar with a selection of wines and bubbly and of course a juice bar for those who didn’t want alcohol.

Food stations are aslo becoming popular bridal shower features. These are an easy way to fill up your guests and allow them to get up, move around and mingle. Interesting food and drink bars also effectively keep guests engaged during downtime, such as when the bride is greeting guests or opening gifts.

Ending the shower with a sweet treat is a must for keeping your guests happy. While having a shower cake is traditional, you may decide to buck tradition and serve cupcakes or cookies instead. 

5. Keeping your guests interested 

Our bride did not want to play any games at her shower, but it was a bridal shower and what’s a bridal shower without a game or 2. 

Bridal shower games are also a fun way to keep your guests engaged. Not only are they enjoyable to play in a group, but they are also an excellent way for people to get to know each other, since most of the guests at the shower will also be attending the wedding. 

There are many options for bridal shower games. However, a word to the wise is to keep them classy. Consider that your crowd will most likely include guests from the couple’s families. For this reason, it’s not the time to share any embarrassing or risqué stories or indulges in naughty bridal shower games that will make Grandma blush.
This is an opportunity to spoil the bride to be and just let her know how special she is. Just have fun!

Happy planning ladies 

Mwa 💋



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